Accreditation Number 2444.01

Servo Innovations is a leader in the servicing and calibration of test equipment.





We currently are involved in the automotive, medical, civil, and aerospace industries for service and calibration of testing equipment.  

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ONsite and IN HOUSE

We do our calibrations and service both on the customer site and in house at our calibration lab for customer convenience. 


Service Area

Our service area continues to expand as we now deal with clients throughout North America, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, and South America. 

in 2012 servo innovations was named best small business by MI-Sbtdc. 

Our History
Servo Innovations LLC was started by owner and operator Troy Diller. Troy began his career in the industry as a Test Engineer at Benteler Automotive, which stimulated him to advance his career in the testing arena. Returning to college, Troy attained his BA in Electrical Engineering from Western Michigan University. After obtaining his degree in engineering he began creating the equipment for testing Automotive and Civil Research with Burke Porter Machinery. After many years working for other companies, Troy realized that none of them were doing testing and calibration optimally, or handling it in a way that he felt best suited the clients. With this in mind, Troy founded Servo Innovations LLC in 2005. In the years since, Servo Innovations has experienced phenomenal acceptance within the industry. Please contact us today to experience the quality and customer service orientation Troy and all the Servo Innovations staff gives to our valued testing clientele.

Certifications and Service
Servo Innovations LLC is a service company focusing on customer needs in the testing industries. We are currently certified to service Moog, Cybermetrix, Shore Western. We also do Calibration of Servotest, MTS & Instron (previously Schenk-Pegasus) Machinery. We continue to expand our capabilities into other manufactured testing equipment as well.  

Servo Innovations LLC is committed to high quality and consistent improvement of service to our customers. 

We are Committed to You
We will attain and exceed your expectations in an accurate and timely matter.

Quality Service and Guaranteed Performance 
In our field of business as with all fields of business, everyone is selling services and products; therefore, we must pay close attention to maintaining a high quality of service and supplying the trusted products we believe in for our clients. We continually separate ourselves from the competition, with our willingness to do more for our customers. The only way that we can accomplish our quality and service goal is with the complete dedication of our staff.

Management Philosophy
Servo Innovations LLc is a company based on honesty, integrity and quality, focusing on servicing and working with companies to achieve the most economical and streamlined process for each of their individual business needs.

Payment Terms
Standard 30 Day Terms Apply. SI accepts the following Credit Cards for your convenience: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Diner's Club.